Oil and Gas

Cipunet® is a world wide active company for dedicated communication solutions. We provide and customize xPLC and radio solutions for ruggedized applications in oil, gas and mining industries Main focus of the technology is the use of power systems for monitoring and control applications.

Cipunet® technology is used for the following areas:

  • Offshore and Subsea technology
    • Umbilical lines
    • Inter rig communication
  • Downhole communication for sensing and control
    • Control of downhole pumps (artificial lift)
    • Distributed sensors in operational fields
  • Communication within Mines polar
    • Monitoring of excavators
    • Flexible Communication in exploration fields

Cipunet® provides:

  • Products
    • Couplers and Diplexers up to 24kVAC
    • Long distance Ethernet PLC Modems for multi drop and point to point applications
    • Ruggedized lightweight and easy to handle measurement systems for channel measurements and fault analysis.
  • Services
    • System measurements and analytics.
    • Technology integration and adaptation
  • Building Blocks
    • Cipunet owns a huge base of flexible hardware and software building blocks for fast system implementation.

Cipunet® Products: